Thursday, March 27, 2014

Break Free From The Affair Review

break free from the affair

There is no easy button to end an affair, but this book will make you a lot more clear about what has caused your affair. where your affair is heading, what type of affair you're in and, finally, how to end it and stop all the pain.

This is not an ordinary ebook, as it goes into some pretty deep psychological stuff. The person behind it, Dr. Bob Cummings (yes, he’s a doctor) knows his stuff.

In his book, you will learn:
  • 7 different types of affairs.  You can pinpoint which affair type you are in, as different types need to be handled differently.
  • How you can predict WHERE your affair is heading. Yes, you can tell exactly what is going to happen down the road by certain signs. These are pure genius.
  • How to save your marriage even if you've been caught cheating, and turn a crisis into new opportunity. This is something most people screw up totally.
  • Which strategy works best in your situation.
Yes, Dr Cummings do not just scratch the surface and adopt a "one-solution to all" attitude.

Just look at what are the 7 types of affairs he has identified:
  • My Marriage Made Me Do It
  • I Can't Say No
  • I Don't Wang To Say No
  • I Fell Out Of Love (and just love to be in love)
  • I Want To Get Back At Him/Her
  • I Need To Prove My Desirability
  • I Want To Be Close To Someone (which means I can't stand intimacy)
In the "how to" part, he is very specific by showing you exactly when and how to:
  • send messages
  • use silence
  • get to the real commitment
  • leap your partner
  • look for upset
  • contextualize
  • peel away layers to the truth
  • gap the goal
  • and 8 more skills and communication tools
If you are stuck in a messy relationship, this book is a must read. What it offers is not just a why and how, but also an encouragement.

Top Tips To Help You End Your Affair With Minimal Pain

Granted, ending an affair is never easy.  However, I am going to share with you 3 tips that will help you deal with the situation with less pain.

Tip number 1 is simple…do it now! If you made the decision to end this relationship, you'd better speak this out quickly.  You know, people do NOT give up easily.  The longer you wait, the more attached your partner will get. You don't want the situation become even harder, do you?

Tip number 2 is not as simple…be direct! Beating around the bush just doesn't help. Approach your partner and simply say, “We have to talk.” When your partner asks, “About what?” you simply say, “About us.” Don’t hem and haw. Don’t look around the room. Look directly in your partner’s eyes and give it to them straight.

Tip number 3 is to make them understand that the relationship was a two way street and it wasn’t all their fault. Take responsibility for your role in the disaster. Trust me, it really DOES take two to dance the tango, but the key point is your relationship is no longer repairable.

Like I said, there is no easy way to breakup with somebody, but if you do it quickly, if you’re direct and if you accept some blame, it will go a lot better than you think. Every breakup will lead to a great start!